Iowa DU Print of the Year

Information for artists participating in the Iowa Print of the Year contest

Dear Artists participating in the Iowa "Print of the Year" Contest,

Enclosed is information regarding the Iowa Ducks Unlimited "Artist of the Year \ Print of the Year" contest. We anticipate another competition of high-quality artwork submitted by both state and national artists.

The contest will be held in conjunction with the Iowa Ducks Unlimited State Convention on Saturday, February 10, 2024, at the Sheraton West Des Moines, 1800 50th Street, West Des Moines, IA. For drop off entries, the deadline for the contest will be by 8:30 a.m., on Saturday, February 10. Entries submitted by mail must be received at the address below by February 5, 2024; a signed Artist Contract must accompany all entries. Please read rule 4 regarding the returning of submitted artwork, as it has changed in recent years.

Please pay particular attention to Rule 11 in the accompanying Contest Rules. Iowa Ducks Unlimited attempts to diversify the subject matter of its "Print of the Year" by annually designating the species or subject matter that will qualify for entry. The subject matter for the 2024 contest will be "DU in the wetlands." Each entry must include at least one species of waterfowl in a wetland setting and include the Ducks Unlimited logo somewhere in the painting. This can be the words "Ducks Unlimited" or the duck head logo painted somewhere in the painting scenery. The Artists may submit up to two (2) entries (see Rule 6).

In past competitions, winning the "Artist of the Year\Print of the Year" contest has proven to be a coveted prize. The Iowa Print of the Year contest gives the winning artist a chance at regional recognition for his or her expertise. Prints from the winning entry are traded with other state DU organizations in the Midwest and Western part of the U.S. Together with Iowa, these states represent approximately 40% of Ducks Unlimited's total membership. Over 200,000 attendees at nearly 1,500 Ducks Unlimited chapter events will see the winning entry.

Thanks to the excellent quality of past artwork entries, Iowa Ducks Unlimited has one of the best state art programs in the Ducks Unlimited family. Thank you for your interest in helping us continue to lead the way.



IA Ducks Unlimited Art Chair
Twila Sprott
304 E 2nd Ave.
Woodward, IA  50276