Iowa FAQ

Note: As part of the process to review the Iowa Web site, a number of changes have been made to update content and organize it in a more user friendly format. The addition of this section will allow the questions of our members and volunteers to be addressed quickly and will make efficient and effective use of the limited number of menu options we have on these pages.

1. What is the status of the Iowa DU License Plate?

The effort was successful, the goal was reached and everyone should have been notified by their county treasurer that the plates were ready for pick-up. Each county treasurer's office should be displaying the plate. If you didn't get yours as part of the original campaign, you should now be able to get a DU plate when you renew your vehicle's plates.

In addition to increased visibility for our great organization, this effort will help preserve additional wetland acres each year. This initial drive will result in at least 20 additional acres per year.