DU Sweepstakes Winners

Chuck and Grace Bartlett

Here are the winners of the latest Ducks Unlimited Sweepstakes Mailing (not published in any order). A big thank you to all those that entered and continue to support Ducks Unlimited.

Brett R. – PA
Joe B. – IL
Valleri R. – NC
Matthew E. – MI
Kirk J. – TX
Edward G. – IL
Larry H. – PA
Nancy M. – MD
Darrell B. – OR
Brad S. – IL
Robert M. – FL
Ron V. – IL
Don D. – TX
Phillip K. – KS
Robert M. – PA
Michael M.  – CA
David H. – AR
Bill C. – TX
Zach P. – TX
Andrew L. – FL
Dick I. – WY
Larry L. – CA
Richard W. – NE
William M. – TX
Jesse F. – NY
Joseph K. – VA
Gordon M. – IN
Michael P. – IL
Suzanne D. – KY
Ralph R. – LA
Zach G. -  WI

Thank you to everyone that supported the DU Sweepstakes. The generosity of so many DU members will make an immediate impact in our fight to preserve waterfowl habitat and our hunting heritage for future generations. Be watching your mailbox for the next DU Sweepstakes.