DU Wetlands Champion Monthly Giving Program

Save an Acre!


The DU Wetlands Champion Monthly Giving Program is comprised of a special group of monthly donors who have joined the mission of Ducks Unlimited. With your gift of just $21 or more per month, you will conserve and restore an entire acre of wetlands, and become a DU Wetlands Champion!

Working with DU's many partners, your gift can also be leveraged as much as four times for an even larger conservation impact.

As a complimentary thank you for your generous gift, you will also receive the DU Wetlands Champion decal, an exclusive woodgrain tumbler, the DU calendar, and an issue of the Wetlands America magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How can I become a member of the Ducks Unlimited Wetlands Champion Program?

A.  You can enroll in this program online at www.ducks.org/monthlygiving.

Q.  When will my credit card be charged?

A.  Your first donation will be charged on the date you make your commitment. You will be given the option to select either the 2nd or 16th of each month for subsequent charges.

Q.  Can I change my monthly gift amount?

A.  Yes, you can change your amount at any time by updating your account online at  www.ducks.org/mydu/recurring. If you need assistance logging in to your account, please call us at 901-758-3825.

Q.  What if I need to stop my monthly giving. Can I do it at any time?

A.   Yes, you can cancel or pause your donation at any time. For assistance, please call us at 901-758-3825. 

Q. What benefits are included as a Wetlands Champion?

A. With your monthly donation of $21 or more, benefits include:

Q.  How will I keep record of monthly gifts?

A.  At the end of each year, an annual tax receipt will be mailed to you. For additional questions, please call our membership services department at 901-758-3825.