Join Ducks Unlimited President's Council Today

The ongoing philanthropy of our President's Council members is essential to our mission to protect the future of wetlands and grasslands across the continent.

President Council members are staunch supporters who make an annual gift of at least $10,000 cash to further DU's conservation efforts. These philanthropists make giving to DU a high priority each year and firmly believe in our mission. They understand that a substantial ongoing financial commitment is necessary to spur action. President's Council members are willing to provide those financial resources for our highest-priority landscapes across North America. View the President's Council list.

Benefits of joining the DU President's Council

Beyond the reward provided by supporting Ducks Unlimited's conservation efforts, membership in the President's Council include:

•   Name listed in issues of the Ducks Unlimited magazine
•   Special recognition at DU's National Convention
•   Travel opportunities to see DU's conservation work first-hand 
•   Knowledge that you are personally helping conserve the continent's natural 
•   A legacy for your children, grandchildren and future generations

For more information on the President's Council:

Keri Cincurak
Director of Donor Relations

"My philanthropy is a very personal decision. However, the President's Council allows me to publicly demonstrate my strong support for Ducks Unlimited."

—George Dunklin, Charter Member