Planning Your Conservation Legacy

When you hear the word legacy, chances are good, like many Americans, you rarely think in terms of yourself. We tend to think of things like the philanthropic families whose names adorn hospitals and libraries... or of the memory of certain "larger-than-life" figures who have captured our imagination.

Perhaps we think of our own legacy when we look into the eyes of a child. Or, as we age, we wonder about the lasting imprint of our life.

The truth is every single one of us has a legacy.

And, every single one of us has an opportunity to articulate much of what we want our legacy to be after death, thanks to the "last will and testament." This document is so closely aligned with the passing of a loved one that we sometimes forget that it is our final opportunity to tell family, friends, loved ones, and even charitable organizations like Ducks Unlimited exactly how much they have meant to our life... and how much we value what they stand for.

To that end, Ducks Unlimited would like to offer you a kit titled "Planning Your Legacy: A Guide to Wills & Trusts." The kit is offered in the spirit and belief that each of us, given the opportunity, would seize the chance to give a final voice to our legacy. Perhaps after reviewing the material yourself, you may wish to pass it on to someone you love. The few minutes and minimal cost necessary to create a valid will or trust is an investment each of us should make in the future.

If you would like to receive this kit free of charge, please contact Chris Cole, Managing Director Gift Planning, at (901) 758-3763 or 901-758-3825 or