IRA Funded Charitable Gift Annuity

Turn your retirement savings into lifetime income & conserve wetlands with a IRA Funded Charitable Gift Annuity through Ducks Unlimited. Join DU's Feather Society today!

Imagine turning your retirement savings into a source of lifetime income, while also making a lasting impact on the world. With recent changes to the SECURE Act 2.0, you now have the opportunity for your hard-earned retirement savings to do just that! By using up to $50,000 of your IRA Rollover to fund a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) with Ducks Unlimited, you can enjoy a dependable income stream while conserving wetlands for wildlife and people.

Leave a legacy that extends far beyond your lifetime. By partnering with Ducks Unlimited through an IRA-funded CGA, you're helping conserve, restore, and protect North America's wetlands for future generations. So why not turn your retirement savings into a dual investment — one for your future and one for the future of our wetlands?

Benefits of an IRA to Gift Annuity Rollover



Who can participate in the IRA funded CGA Program?
To be eligible for the IRA funded CGA Program, you must be 70 ½ years or older.

What happens to the gift after my lifetime?
At the end of your life, the annuity payment will cease, and the remaining principal balance will be used to further DU's conservation mission. Your gift will have a lasting impact on the future of our natural resources and wildlife.

For more information or to have a personal illustration ran, please reach out to Chris Cole at (901)758-3763 or email