DU 2024 National Art Selection

William Beardsley

See the invitation for the latest art package:

DU invites you to submit one or more original art images to be considered for the 2024 National Event Merchandise Package

"Green-wings Across the Bow" by 2023 Artist of the Year Richard Clifton

On behalf of Ducks Unlimited, we would like to invite you to submit one or more original art images to be considered for our 2024 National Event Merchandise Package. The Ducks Unlimited Art Committee will choose images to be published as signed and numbered limited edition prints and canvases. The artwork is offered framed, exclusively at our events beginning in January 2024. Since 1971, Ducks Unlimited's art program has raised more than $300 million for the organization's wetlands conservation mission.

If your image is selected, you will retain ownership of the original painting. Ducks Unlimited will be granted exclusive copyright of the image for reproduction and promotional purposes. Artists are compensated with a signing fee and each artist will be provided with proofs, which the artist may sell after DU’s edition is distributed. We will also pay the appropriate reasonable fees for travel and lodging to our printer for signing the edition.

The subjects that we seek for the National Art Package are ducks, geese, sporting dogs and hunting scenes. The Art Committee has expanded DU national art offerings to include regional wildlife images. For 2024, we encourage you to submit unpublished images of pheasants, bobwhite quail, mule deer, bears (brown, black, or grizzly), moose, Dall sheep, pronghorn antelope, redfish, and sea ducks (mergansers, scoters, goldeneyes, etc.). Images with wildlife not indigenous to North America will not be considered. All images must be original, unpublished as a lithograph or giclée edition, and have a minimum size of 14 x 18 inches. We are especially interested in reviewing images that use the artist’s preferred medium. We are not interested in published artwork. You may submit multiple images.

Each year, one artist is selected as the Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year. The scene must include waterfowl but may focus on waterfowl hunting, retrieving dogs or still life subjects. The image will become the centerpiece for the National Art Package and will receive appropriate promotion and prominence. The 2024 Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year will be recognized with an article in Ducks Unlimited and at the 87th DU National Convention.

To be considered, please submit jpeg images to Lilian Bird. Images may be emailed to art@ducks.org or a USB drive mailed to the physical address listed below. All submissions must be received no later than September 15, 2022. Entries are accepted beginning July 1.

Indicate the artist, title, image size, and medium for each entry. Images sent via email are limited to 5 megabytes. The image quality must be 300 dpi or higher. Sharp, clear images will show the trueness of color and quality of the artwork. Do not send original work.

The Ducks Unlimited Art Committee looks forward to reviewing your artwork. If you have any questions, email Lilian Bird at art@ducks.org. We invite your support and participation in this annual program.