Donating Stock Is an Easy Way to Support DU

Donating appreciated stock is one of the simplest and most straightforward methods of giving to Ducks Unlimited. Have your stocks appreciated greatly since you purchased them? Have you had a surge in value of one of your holdings that has thrown your portfolio off balance? Is it time to refocus your portfolio on other investment categories? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it is time to review your investment portfolio with a donation strategy in mind.

Donating stock to DU is one of the most tax-efficient ways to give. Here are some reasons you should give the gift of stock:

Donating stock is easy. You may think that a gift of stock will require a lot of paperwork, but that is simply not true. You can give stock to DU today in three easy steps:

  1. Issue the gift in the name of Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
  2. Include your name on the delivery instructions to ensure proper credit.
  3. Contact Bill Hamilton with Raymond James & Associates, Inc., at 901-818-6537 or 800-356-0347, or e-mail Please include the following information: DTC#: 0725; Account#: 14684120; Federal ID#: 13-5643799.

Giving a gift of stock is a simple and efficient way to support DU’s conservation mission. You can make a gift of appreciated securities, publicly traded stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares to DU while in some cases avoiding capital gains tax, diversifying your portfolio, and/or securing a stream of income. Gifts of closely held stock may also be accepted.

Always consult with your tax adviser before making investment decisions. For more information and to discuss gifts of stock, contact DU’s Development Office at 901-758-3986 or visit

John D. Gullickson and his retriever, Ranger, hunting in a Saskatchewan wheat field.

DU Benefactor John D. Gullickson of Forest City, Iowa, knew from the first DU dinner he attended in 1974 that Ducks Unlimited was the best way to give back to the sport he loved so much. From the beginning John knew that DU was the leader in wetlands conservation and the best at “putting their money where their mouth was,” John said. “I chose to give the gift of stock to alleviate some tax burden. I don’t have to write a check, and the funds are transferred right away. It’s just easy. I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am with how DU is using my contributions. DU is on the ground, in the mud, working to ensure wetlands and waterfowl are taken care of for generations to come.”