DU Projects: Central Flyway

William Beardsley

The Central Flyway is massive, covering more than one million square miles across North America's interior. From Canada's boreal forest and parklands across the Great Plains down to the Texas Gulf Coast, this flyway is home to a large percentage of North America's ducks and geese. Red dots on the map indicate DU Projects. 

This flyway includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska; portions of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico east of the Continental Divide; the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan; and the Northwest Territories.

DU's highest priority conservation areas in this flyway include the Prairie Pothole Region and the Texas Gulf Coast.
In the U.S. portion of the Central Flyway, DU and its partners have conserved almost 1.2 million acres of waterfowl habitat.

Central Flyway States

See DU projects in states located in the Central Flyway.