Ducks Unlimited Science Reports

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Since our founding in 1937, Ducks Unlimited has based our conservation decisions on the best available science, obtained through partnerships with hundreds of public, private, and corporate collaborators. In recent years, our science has expanded to increase understanding of how DU's mission of waterfowl habitat conservation also affects ecosystem services such as water quality and flood mitigation, which in turn benefits broader society. We encourage you to learn more about the many different science and research efforts in which Ducks Unlimited is involved by exploring our International Science Report and supporting documents.

The International Science Report illustrates the diversity and geographic expansiveness of the science being used by DU Inc., DU Canada, and DU de México to guide our continental conservation efforts.

The Science Spotlight report introduces you in more detail to a few ongoing projects and, most importantly, some of the students that DU is proud to support. The future of science-based waterfowl and wetland conservation rests in part with these young professionals.

Our Publication List provides a glimpse of the many ways in which DU staff and supported scientists communicate the findings and implications of their research.


2023 International Science Report

2023 DU Publication List


2022 Science Spotlight Report

2022 International Science Report

2022 DU Publication List


2021 International Science Report

2021 Science Spotlight Report

2021 DU Publication List


2020 International Science Report

2020 Science Spotlight Report

2020 DU Publication List