Ducks Unlimited conserves wetlands and associated habitats for not only waterfowl, but many other species, including one of North America's most popular game species - whitetail deer. Photo by John Ericksson/Images On the Wildside

Potholes and marshes are home to both ducks and deer. Photo by

It's no coincidence that when scouting for waterfowl, hunters tend to see a good number of whitetails as well. Photo By Michael Peters

Dense cover in small wetlands or riparian zones provide ideal habitat for prairie-dwelling whitetails. Photo by Michael Peters

Wetland transition areas such as bottomlands or creek beds provide ideal travel corridors for deer to move silently to and from feeding and bedding areas. Photo by John Ericksson/Images On the Wildside

Many waterfowl hunters have seen firsthand that whitetails prefer the serenity and security that a swamp or large marsh can provide.

Bottomland hardwood transition areas are excellent habitat for bucks on the prowl during the rut. Photo by John Ericksson/Images On the Wildside

Many deer hunters understand the importance of wetland habitats available to their quarry and are willing to help Ducks Unlimited conserve these habitats.
Photo by Jim Thompson
Learn how you can help conserve wetlands and associated habitats.