Gifts of Land

DU will consider accepting certain properties offered for donation. As a general rule, DU does not hold title to real estate over the long term. Lands donated to DU are usually transferred to a subsequent owner shortly after DU acquires title.

Biologists will work with the state and federal government, other conservation organizations and individuals to find an appropriate owner for the land. Many times, the land becomes a valuable addition to a wildlife area or conservation system.

Lands that are not critical to wildlife, but are none-the-less valuable properties, may be sold by DU and the proceeds used to pay for other conservation work.

Contact National Headquarters to get more information if you are thinking of making a donation of land.

More: Donated Lands (PDF)

For more information, please contact:
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
National Headquarters
Chris Cole
(901) 758-3763

Deductions for Charitable Gifts of Real Property

Real estate can make a wonderful gift to charity. The tax treatment for gifts of real property often depends on the type of property and the length of property ownership. This article will provide an overview of gifts of real property and some of the unique challenges associated with these gifts. Read more or contact Chris Cole.

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