California Wetlands Initiative

Restoring and conserving California's wetlands

Ducks flying over water

California has lost more than 90 percent of the wetlands that millions of waterfowl and other birds traditionally relied on.

Despite the profound loss of so much habitat, 60 percent of the Pacific Flyway’s birds still spend their winters or migrate through California. Nowhere else in the world do so many millions of waterfowl rely on so little habitat. The Central Valley alone supports nearly eight million wintering ducks and geese. 

But these important habitats for birds and other wildlife are under constant threat from droughts and habitat loss. An occasional wet winter provides only temporary relief. That’s where you and Ducks Unlimited’s California Wetlands Initiative come in.

DU’s Plan for California

Key issues and challenges for waterfowl conservation: 

Conservation Programs

How we do it: 

Conservation Areas

Each conservation area has a dedicated team of biologists, engineers and support staff: 

California Wetlands Initiative

The California Wetlands Initiative focuses on restoring, enhancing and protecting wetlands and other habitats used by millions of waterfowl each year in the heart of the Pacific Flyway. 

Your investment creates tremendous conservation impact. Private funding at the initiative level supports our California biologists and engineering staff in their development and implementation of on-the-ground conservation projects, as well as our public policy and scientific research efforts that benefit wetlands. In California, your gifts are leveraged up to 10:1 with public funding – a smart investment. 

The need for our conservation work in California is accelerating along with the need for private investment from people like you. Through your support, Ducks Unlimited will continue to build on our successes, leverage our conservation expertise and support waterfowl populations in California, the Pacific Flyway and beyond.


To contribute toward the California Wetlands Initiative in Northern California, contact:

Katie Edwards
Director of Development
Northern California
Cell: 916.425.9569

Susanna Snyder
Director of Development
Bay Area, California
Cell: 707.684.1676

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