DU Projects Interactive Aerial Tour

From a duck's point of view

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The best way to see Ducks Unlimited conservation is from a duck's point of view. Tour nearly 70 DU projects from the sky.

Ducks Unlimited Aerial Project Tour guide

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Fly across dozens of DU's projects through this interactive map and nearly 70 short aerial videos narrated by DU biologists. Learn how our work is improving both water quality and wildlife habitat. Flights include projects from DU's Big Rivers InitiativeCompleting the Cycle Initiative and Great Lakes Initiative. These are just a sample of the thousands of Ducks Unlimited projects in the region. Check back, as more films from the Living Lakes Initiative will be added soon.

Migrate across the region to see videos from places like:

Great Lakes coastal wetlands

Historic Mississippi River floodplains

Innovative Pennsylvania restorations

Illinois River Valley wetlands

St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario coastal projects
Chesapeake Bay protection and enhancements