DU Statement on Firearms

We know that many of you have been following the recent debate on potential gun-control legislation.

The potential for new firearms regulations or legislation is a complicated and divisive issue, and while there are no simple answers to the problem of reducing violence in our country, DU will continue to remain steadfast and focused on our mission of wetlands and waterfowl conservation, and in our support for hunters and a continued strong waterfowling tradition.

Ducks Unlimited was founded by hunter-conservationists more than 85 years ago, and conservation remains our mission. DU is first and foremost an organization dedicated to conserving wetlands for waterfowl, and the majority of our members are hunters.

DU strongly supports the right to bear arms and believes that with that right comes a responsibility to use firearms lawfully and safely. The ownership and use of firearms is intertwined with wildlife management and conservation in North America, and we strongly support hunting. Without hunters and recreational shooters and their financial contributions through hunting licenses and excise taxes on sporting arms, national conservation funding would be decimated.

We will continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards of gun safety, hunting ethics, and responsible firearms ownership and use.