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Legacy Greenwings are youth members of Ducks Unlimited whose one-time $200 membership lasts through their 21st birthday. Up until age 11, Legacy Greenwings receive DU’s "Puddler" magazine, and from ages 12 to 17, they receive the regular DU magazine with a special DU Varsity section in each issue. At age 18, they are considered adult members and will continue to receive the regular DU magazine until their 21st birthday.
"Puddler" is an informative magazine introducing young children to wetlands, waterfowl and various aspects of conservation in a fun and easy-to-understand format. Articles cover a wide range of subjects from habitat to waterfowl species, nesting, brood rearing, migrations and a host of related topics. Contributions from DU’s leading scientists keep the material both fresh and enlightening.
At age 12, Greenwings enter the "Varsity" program, catering to the advancing knowledge base and conservation concerns of high school-level students. The DU magazine's content is easy for readers to understand, and the special varsity section is devoted to topics of specific interest. Members can organize high school-level Varsity DU chapters at nearly any school to raise conservation funds, giving kids an opportunity to be proud of their contributions and invest in conservation funding.
In Wyoming, the Legacy program is a program spearheaded by state chair, Lonny Vohland, who introduced his two daughters to Ducks Unlimited's conservation and sporting ethic at a very early age. You can purchase Legacy memberships at any of our state's events, online or through DU's state development team representatives.
A Legacy Greenwing membership makes a terrific gift for children or grandchildren that helps young minds develop an understanding of conservation principles, as families pass on their appreciation for wildlife and habitat to the next generation.
Membership forms for the Legacy Greenwing program are available through DU Senior Regional Director, Robert Hathaway, or DU Directors of Development, Chris Hildebrandt or Jordan Brown.
Ducks Unlimited also has a Retriever Club for everyone's best friends and hunting buddies. That membership is $20 annually and comes with a DU portable dog bowl, decal and several other perks. Additional information and membership forms are available here