Ducks Unlimited and its partners in Wyoming were awarded a North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant to restore and protect habitat important to migratory waterfowl, especially trumpeter swans. The partners formed the Western Wyoming Wetland Partnership (WWWP), a coordinated effort working in the Bear River, Salt River, Snake River and Green River basins of western Wyoming.

"The Western Wyoming Wetlands Partnership grant is working on public and private lands to restore ecological function to the wetlands," said Tom Peterson, DU regional biologist for Wyoming. "By establishing this partnership, we can better coordinate our efforts to maximize benefits to waterfowl and other migratory birds and garner more support for our conservation efforts."

The proposed projects include establishing conservation easements and restorations to wetlands, wet meadows, riparian and upland habitats. Native grass and shrub habitats in the uplands surrounding wetlands provide foraging and nesting habitat for birds and other wildlife. The uplands also provide a buffer for the wetland, protecting it from sedimentation.

The projects will impact 3,718 acres on 20 tracts, 88% of which are wetlands. Public restoration sites include South Park and Soda Lake Wildlife Habitat Management Areas. Partners are providing a 2-to-1 funding match to the NAWCA grant.

Partners include the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jackson Hole Land Trust, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resources Trust, Wyoming Water Development Commission and private landowners. More information on activities proposed under WWWP is available via a GIS story map.