Ducks Unlimited Sweet 16 Collegiate Chapters, ranked #4

"The WKU Chapter has been a pleasure to work with since it was chartered in 2001," said Ben Burley, DU Kentucky senior regional director. "The chapter leaders combine a strong belief in the mission of Ducks Unlimited with raising funds in a fun atmosphere. They are not bashful about asking anyone for anything to 'help the ducks.'"

"We've had a good committee," said Brian Fisher, former WKU chapter chairman. "We've been able to make a lot of local contacts for our sponsors and gone above and beyond what most committees do."

By always being available to assist other chapters across the Bluegrass, they have developed a group of members who support the WKU fall dinner each year. In the past, WKU committee members have worked all types of events, including wine tasting, shoots, WHP events and numerous regular dinner events. Kentucky has a Collegiate Traveling Trophy award so there is some friendly competition, though WKU has maintained the "Big Duck Call" since it was created. Learning the importance of a strong sponsor program, their combined efforts led to 33 bronze, one silver and two gold sponsorships. They are currently recruiting their first Life Sponsor.


Chairman: Josh Wilcox
Co-chairman: Jake Hurt


2007: #4 Ducks Unlimited Sweet 16 College Chapter
2006: #7 DU Sweet 16 College Chapter

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