Michael Furtman


The mission of the USA Rice−Ducks Unlimited Rice Stewardship Partnership, now celebrating its 10th anniversary, is to conserve working rice lands, water, and wildlife habitat. The Walmart Foundation has provided support throughout much of partnership’s history, helping Ducks Unlimited and its partners build capacity and provide incentives to rice farmers who adopt conservation practices, save groundwater by expanding the use of surface water for irrigation, and build stronger alliances among supply chain companies, governments, and conservation organizations.

“The [Rice Stewardship Partnership] is a model for a place-based initiative that utilizes a shared vision, planning, and teamwork to succeed, which is important to Walmart’s commitment to reversing nature loss,” said Gregory Bohrer, director of natural capital at the Walmart Foundation.

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In total, the Walmart Foundation has provided over $3 million to support rice stewardship, with the most recent grant awarded this past spring. Walmart Inc. has also provided important leadership and positive influence across the US rice supply chain.

“Collaboration is essential to meet climate and nature goals set by the world’s leading companies, including Walmart,” said DU Director of Agriculture Support Dr. Scott Manley. “We sincerely thank the Walmart Foundation and look forward to working with them to serve as a model place-based initiative that achieves sustainable outcomes across large geographic scales.”

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