When you volunteer with Ducks Unlimited, you join a family of conservationists. We come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common: a commitment to conservation.

Our reasons for that commitment may vary. Many of us want to preserve our hunting heritage. Others want to see full skies of waterfowl for generations to come. Still others want to conserve the wetlands and special places they've grown to love. No matter why you volunteer with Ducks Unlimited, we're glad to have you on board.

Let us introduce you to a few other dedicated DU volunteers.

Ed Goff

District Chairman, Clayton, NC

"I engaged with Ducks Unlimited several years ago after receiving an unsolicited invitation to attend a volunteer event. I've always thought Ducks Unlimited was a good organization. During the event the guys showed a video that made it real clear to me why I should volunteer, and the guys on the committee seemed like fun guys to be around.

"I'm an all-or-none kind of guy, so I immediately started helping sell tickets and getting sponsors. I hit up all of my friends and family and got several of them involved. One of the things about selling tickets that I feel strongly about is listening for opportunities all day, every day, when folks are talking about the environment, the outdoors, hunting, fishing, etc. I take every reasonable opportunity to talk to these folks about Ducks Unlimited and how they can participate in our events.

"When it comes to sponsoring, the same basic strategy applies... 'listen' and talk to folks about the opportunities for them to get involved. The most important thing is to have fun while doing this very important work. Most people will stay engaged and do more if their experience is fun and positive."

Al Geisen

DU Area Chairman, Bismarck, ND

"I have been a waterfowl hunter since I was a young boy and a volunteer with Ducks Unlimited for over 25 years. I have marveled at waterfowl and the abundance of life contained within the wetlands of North Dakota my whole life. I am a DU volunteer because of living in and being a part of the 'Duck Factory' for many years of my life. I choose to help the ducks by volunteering my time so we can keep as many as possible of the wild wetland areas intact forever. Hunting waterfowl is very important to me and DU is the best way to keep the skies full of birds.

Those of us that live in North America can ill afford to lose wetlands and grasslands so critical for duck production, and I'll be a DU volunteer right to the end. The most successful thing I have done as a volunteer is to make the facility we hold the event full of DU supporters. Our volunteer team knows how to sell tickets before the event and show the attendees a darned good time when they get there. After all, they want to help the ducks too."

Doug Jones


DU Texas State Recruitment Chair, District Chair &DU volunteer for more than 20 years.

"I feel blessed to be able to introduce my children to the outdoors, to hunting and fishing and conservation. I remember my first duck hunt with my father, and I want to give that experience to my children, too. I want duck hunting not just to survive as a sport, but to grow in popularity. For that to happen, we've got to have habitat for the ducks - and we're losing habitat daily.

No organization works harder than DU to preserve the habitat for the ducks and the sport for the hunters."

Rodney Warren

DU North Carolina State Recruitment Chair

"DU is certainly one of the greatest organizations I have ever been involved with. I've met great people, great friends and great clients through my volunteering for DU. I have enjoyed getting young people, including my children, involved in Greenwings, waterfowling and being able to share with them the importance of protecting and conserving our wetlands and natural resources. Being able to share time afield with my children and sharing those experiences of a hunt are memories that will last a lifetime.

Sharing DU, explaining our mission and how passionate we as volunteers are about fulfilling DU's never-ending mission, and knowing that our efforts and the work we do as volunteers will leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy brings me great pride."

Steve Christian

Montana State Recruitment Chairman &Colstrip Area Chairman. DU Volunteer since 1985

"I love waterfowl and waterfowl hunting! My first experience was on opening day in 1977, when as a college kid I skipped classes and strode into a swamp in a pair of borrowed leaky waders. It was the best day of classes that I ever missed because I haven't been the same since. Duck fever hit me hard as I went out and bought a dozen mallard decoys and a call that same night.

Today I am fortunate to have a family that appreciates my passion for waterfowl hunting, wetlands conservation, and my commitment to DU. My wife and I are Grand Slam Lifers with over 30 years of DU volunteerism between us. I believe whole-heartedly in DU's vision: wetlands sufficient to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever. I just wish I still had those old waders to be buried in someday."


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