We are excited to announce a new chapter firearm incentive called the Volunteer Roster Program.

The qualification for this new incentive is simple: A chapter volunteer must update and submit to DU National Headquarters a volunteer roster at least once per calendar year. This list must be submitted by a volunteer and not a Regional Director or staff member. This was instituted starting Jan. 1, 2024 with the first year’s incentives being available to order in 2025.

The four approved methods for submitting volunteer lists to DU National Headquarters can be found here.

This exciting new component was produced under the guidance of Event and Volunteer Management Committee SVP Jim Talbert and a task force of senior leaders across the country, led by Region 7 Flyway Senior Vice President Julian Ottley.

In addition, the existing firearm incentive programs qualifications have been simplified and renamed for a streamlined understanding of these no cost to chapter programs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Regional Director.