MEMPHIS, Tenn. - March 25, 2021 - Ducks Unlimited (DU) recently released the latest film in its online series, DU Films.

In this film, the first of season 7, DU Films showcases the Ottley family of Atlanta, Ga. Their commitment to waterfowl and wetlands conservation is a tradition spanning multiple generations.

Julian Ottley and his daughters, Lucy, Mary and Catherine, enjoy spending time together on the family&squo;s property in coastal Virginia. Despite busy schedules, the Ottleys spend as much time as possible together enjoying the outdoors and each other&squo;s company in beautiful surroundings.

Family outings are nothing new for the Ottleys.

"How I got started in hunting and Ducks Unlimited was through my dad,&dquo; said Julian Ottley. "He loves four things most in life - family, friends, dogs and ducks. It has been a real honor and privilege to hunt with my dad and his friends throughout the years.&dquo;

Catherine Ottley and her sisters can say the same thing about their father. His passions became theirs through time spent outside pursuing game.

"My dad doesn&squo;t have sons,&dquo; Catherine said. "It&squo;s just us girls. So, I think it means more to him that we love hunting and conservation so much. We also love how happy that makes him.&dquo;

People like the Ottleys who dedicate time, effort and support make the DU conservation mission possible.

"I enjoy working with the people, they are the most passionate conservationists you&squo;ll ever meet,&dquo; Julian said. "That&squo;s what drew me to the organization and keeps me volunteering my time and resources for DU. As (former DU President and Chairman of the Board) John Tomke once said, 'you come for the cause and you stay for the people.&squo; That statement couldn&squo;t be any truer for me.&dquo;

New films will follow each month during the spring and summer. Every film from previous seasons is available for viewing now at

DU Films is produced by Rock Road Creative and sponsored by Mossy Oak, Drake Waterfowl, Winchester Repeating Arms, Winchester Ammunition and Yeti.

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