Ducks Unlimited, in partnership with North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC), was recently awarded $1 million in funding from the National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program to restore 251 acres of wetland habitat on Texas Plantation Game Land in Tyrrell County, North Carolina. The Texas Plantation Tract is perpetually protected by a Wetlands America Trust conservation easement and was acquired by NCWRC for creation of the Texas Plantation Game Land in 2015. This grant is the final funding component of the project as it leverages and compliments funding from NCWRC, DU and the North Carolina Attorney General's Environmental Enhancement Grant Program. Ducks Unlimited will implement the project in phases over the next two years, resulting in six managed wetland units providing optimal habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds and other wetland-dependent wildlife. With more than 50 percent of North Carolina's natural wetlands lost, properly managed wetlands are critical to wildlife. The goal of this project is to restore critical wetland habitat functions and values on Texas Plantation for waterfowl, shorebirds, neo-tropical migrants and improve water quality for the estuarine system. Simultaneous benefits include enhanced public waterfowl hunting opportunities, particularly for youth.