Each year, DU's Chip Allen Chapter hosts an event in Atlanta to recognize a Georgia conservationist who has exhibited a history of conserving both habitat and wildlife. Ted Turner, of Turner Broadcasting fame, was named 2012 Chip Allen Conservationist of the Year at this year's event, held at Cox Enterprises.

One would be hard pressed to find a better friend of the environment than Ted Turner. As the second-largest individual landholder in North America, Turner manages more than 2 million acres of private land in 12 states.

Putting his money behind his passion, Turner invests heavily in the land itself and supports many progressive environmental projects, such as water resource management, reforestation, and the reintroduction of native species. His focus on investing in one of the most threatened natural environments in the world-the North American prairie-will undoubtedly have a lasting impact. Turner's numerous foundations have furthered his conservation and philanthropic efforts.

A DU Life Sponsor, Turner has been a DU supporter since 1978. But it's through the Turner Foundation that he's made his biggest impact on wetlands conservation. This foundation has provided grants for habitat conservation in the Prairie Pothole Region and in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

The Chip Allen chapter and award are named in memory of the late Chip Allen, an Atlanta attorney and former Georgia DU state chairman who gave his time, talent, and resources to conserve and protect this continent's waterfowl and wetland habitats. The $372,602 raised in honor of Ted Turner at this Diamond event will be used to conserve and protect vital wetland habitat in the Prairie Pothole Region.