In some ways, the Steffens familys everyday Iowa life resembles many busy households across the country.

Andrew and Rachel have been married 17 years, raise their two children and balance workloads and down time. Where they stand out is that they also made their commitment as Ducks Unlimited Life Sponsors a priority.

I see Ducks Unlimited as helping us preserve wildlife and wetlands, and I know I appreciate seeing ducks and geese flying overhead as Im outside, Rachel said.

The Steffens have a clear perspective on the importance of healthy habitats, because their work involves catering to sportsmen and women. They opened No Limits Outdoors in Spencer, Iowa, in 2010. Andrew and his staff apply their lifelong hunting and angling experiences to their customers and Rachel keeps the books.

Theyve been active with Ducks Unlimited for more than 15 years, attending banquets and developing a stronger understanding of DUs conservation mission.

I remember driving down a local highway and wondering why people were draining this pond, Rachel said. Turns out it was a scheduled draw-down (for management). Its amazing to learn how this process works and how it helps the population of the fish and birds.

Both grew up with hunting with their fathers. The Steffens want to continue fostering a healthy environment for their children, Grace, 14, and Marcus, 10.

Every year, were more into the outdoors and wetlands and what they mean to us, Rachel said. I just hope we can get future generations to appreciate the outdoors, whether youre a hunter or a non-hunter.