DU Chairman Roll of Honor Awards

Ducks Unlimited recently announced the top volunteer chapters across the nation. The Chairman's Roll of Honor designation is reserved for the chapters that raise between $250,000 and $999,999 in grassroots income for DU's conservation mission.

2020 Chairman's Roll of Honor Chapters

Chapter Name; City, State

  • Blackhawk; Danville, California
  • Denver; Denver, Colorado
  • St. Louis Sponsors; St. Louis, Missouri
  • San Antonio; San Antonio, Texas
  • New Orleans; New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Sarasota; Sarasota, Florida
  • Benton County; Bentonville, Arkansas
  • East Of The Cooper; Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
  • Freeport; Freeport, Illinois
  • Lake Poygan; Larsen, Wisconsin
  • Baton Rouge; Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Seattle; Seattle, Washington
  • Galveston; Galveston, Texas
  • Tampa Bay 100; Tampa, Florida
  • Lafayette Area; Lafayette, Louisiana
  • New York City; New York City, New York
  • Richmond; Richmond, Virginia
  • Austin; Austin, Texas
  • Kenosha; Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • Midland; Midland, Texas
  • Milwaukee; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Nashville; Nashville, Tennessee
  • Georgetown; Georgetown, South Carolina