MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Aug.19, 2020 - Idaho&squo;s Snake River flows through some of the most spectacular scenery of the Mountain West.

Join co-host Ashley Ward and Browning&squo;s Shaundi Campbell for great public access hunting in Idaho. Puddle ducks and divers abound on this beautiful river and the hunters never know what&squo;s heading into the decoys next.

Ward and Campbell join host David Harper, a longtime DU member and supporter, for this episode on the Snake River. Harper hunts the river often and enjoys the freedom found there.

"The Snake is all public access, "Harper said. "That&squo;s my favorite thing about having it in my back yard.&dquo;

Harper was a founding member of the Boise State DU Chapter while in college and an active Ducks Unlimited member today.

"Early on, it was important to me to be involved. It&squo;s a great way of giving back,&dquo; Harper said. "Ducks Unlimited not only helps waterfowl in Idaho, but big game and fish as well. I&squo;m proud to be part of a great organization that helps my home state and all of North America in so many ways.&dquo;

This area of the country is still wild and rugged, much the same as when settlers came west in search of a better life in the 19th century. The Oregon Trail crossed the Snake River, no small feat. Early crossings required floating wagons from island to island and many wagons were lost to the current.

The action is fast, and the Browning shotguns were hot on this hunt. Campbell brought multiple Wicked Wing Maxus shotguns with her. The Wicked Wing guns feature custom bronze Cerakote finishes matched with all-weather synthetic stocks.

"I use the Maxus over the A-5,&dquo; Campbell said. "That&squo;s just a personal preference. I tell everyone looking for a new shotgun to put guns to your shoulder and see which one feels right, which one instills confidence. It&squo;s all about what feels best for you.&dquo;

DU CEO Adam Putnam discusses the conservation challenges facing the West in his "Insights&dquo; segment and co-host Fred Zink teaches techniques to bring river ducks in close on "Duck Talk.&dquo;

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