Lisa Scheller is an entrepreneur with a mission where the bottom line is measured not only in dollars but also in lives bettered, communities improved, and environmental resources preserved.

Raised in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, Lisa took charge of her familys business in her 30s and has expanded its profile globally. As Silberlines corporate profile grew, so did Lisas philanthropy, which is founded on her personal values. Her passion for conserving global resources and improving lives made her decision to support the conservation work of Ducks Unlimited de Mexico (DUMAC) an easy one. Lisa and Silberline are now Gold Benefactor sponsors and members of DUs Presidents Council. Her gifts allow DUMAC to carry out important humanitarian efforts in local communities and conservation work in Mexicos mangrove swamps and other key habitats that benefit a host of migrating and wintering waterfowl each year.

Ive always believed that we can do well by doing good things, says Lisa, who serves as chairman and president of Silberline, a leading global provider of aluminum pigments used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

By combining science and art, Silberlines bright, reflective qualities of silver create visual appeal, making objects sparkle, stand out, and defy indifference, Lisa says. Our products touch just about everyone around the world. Common applications are in coatings, plastics, and inks used in the transportation, marine, architecture, and packaging industries. Superior form is nothing without superior function. Our products are designed to preserve and protect the products they touch, making them last longer while preserving our natural resources.

Under Lisas leadership, Silberline has increased production capacity and sales for sustainable products, such as water-based, environmentally friendly coatings. In September, Silberline opened its North American waterborne plant, the only aluminum pigment supplier of such products based in the United States.

We only have one planet, and Im convinced that humans can grow and prosper on it while saving vital resources and respecting nature in its purest forms. We are committed to supporting a balanced environment by seeking sustainable solutions in all we do. Our approach to sustainability extends across the entire company, Lisa says. We care about our communities, their well-being, and their prosperity. And we care for the environment, because its the only one we have and its the right thing to do by any measure.

It was that commitment that led Lisa to direct both a personal and Silberline contribution to Ducks Unlimited. I am so excited to be part of the Ducks Unlimited family, she says. Providing support to DUs continental conservation efforts, and the protection of critical wetlands and associated habitats, is something we are proud to be a part of.