We all want security for the future, which is why we plan for retirement. Retirement plans can also be a simple, tax-efficient way to support Ducks Unlimited, helping to secure the future of wetlands and waterfowl.

If you are 70 1/2 or older, you can make a rollover gift to DU from your individual retirement account (IRA). This gift will count toward your required minimum distribution but will not count as taxable income. More important, your gift will go to work today, helping DU achieve its conservation mission. To make a gift from your IRA, simply request an IRA charitable rollover from your plan administrator.

Like most people, you have probably designated family members as beneficiaries of your retirement plan. One of the easiest ways to make a gift of your retirement assets is to include DU as a plan beneficiary. Simply contact the administrator of your plan to amend your beneficiary designation form. The tax advantage comes from the fact that most retirement plans are subject to income tax if left to an individual, but Ducks Unlimited can receive the asset tax-free. By including Ducks Unlimited as a beneficiary, DU will benefit from the full value of your gift, and you will be happy knowing that you are helping DU continue its continental conservation work in the future.

For more information on ways to give with your retirement assets, contact Chris Cole at 901-758-3763 or ccole@ducks.org. Always consult with your tax adviser before making any financial decisions about your retirement assets.

The Kreitmans believe in the value of spending time outdoors. They increased their support for DU with gifts from their individual retirement account.

Patty and Dan Kreitman enjoy sharing their farms, ranches, and recreational properties with people who have impacted and enriched their lives. Learning about the IRA charitable rollover option inspired the Kreitmans to increase their commitment to DU. We dont currently need the investment income for our daily routine, and we enjoy supporting conservation and sharing the outdoors with our friends and their families, Patty says. I believe it is important that families have the opportunity to spend time together in the outdoors. It builds a bond that lasts a lifetime. We worked hard for our investments. We feel this is the best way we can say thank you, share, and enjoy the benefits of those investments.