The Ducks Unlimited de Mxico (DUMAC) RESERVA program is a two-month-long intensive training course that educates conservation professionals from Mexico, the rest of Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The RESERVA program recently celebrated its 50th session and the 30th anniversary. In attendance were representatives from virtually all of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Cuba, as well as Bill Ansell, president of DUMAC, and Daniel Salcido, president of Axalta Mexico and vice president of Axalta Refinish Latin America. Axalta has been a key conservation partner for Ducks Unlimited across North America.

At the event, a federal commissioner of protected areas for Mexico presented a plaque to DUMAC in recognition of the 45th anniversary of the organization and the 30th anniversary of RESERVA.

The RESERVA program received numerous accolades from several speakers illustrating the impact that RESERVA and DUMAC have had on the conservation, environmental, and scientific communities in Mexico and beyond, Ansell said. DUMAC is a highly respected leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation and we are grateful for the recognition and support weve received from the Mexican government.

RESERVA was launched in 1989 with two courses per year offered to eight professionals representing different Latin American countries. In the years since, DUMAC and its partners have contributed in-kind and cash contributions for the development of 48 more RESERVA sessions. The program has graduated 641 professionals representing 24 countries. With continued support from DUMAC and its partners, RESERVA will fuel the minds of conservation professionals for many years to come.