Ducks Unlimited Biologist, Cassie Auxt, has been working with a producer in northeastern South Dakota to implement soil health practices. DU was able to provide technical and financial assistance to plant cover crops and install permanent fencing. The fence will facilitate cropland grazing to increase soil health.

In the pictures above, compare the cover crop field on the left side of the fence to the one on the right, which has been tilled and sprayed multiple times over the summer. You can find a second picture by clicking the > button on the far right side of the picture. The two pictures show the cover crop growth from September 9 to October 1. By adding cover crops to the rotation, the producer will extend his field grazing season substantially, while providing highly nutritious and palatable forage for his cattle.

Auxt says soil health and regenerative agriculture are key components to wetland health and the future of waterfowl.