A recent statement by Ducks Unlimited regarding a former freelance writer for its magazine appears to have been misunderstood to also be a statement regarding DU's position on public hunting and waterway access in Montana.

To be clear, Ducks Unlimited strongly supports public-land hunting and other recreational access in all states. We appreciate the efforts of state fish and wildlife agencies to provide and enhance public access, and we respect their position on issues related to outdoor recreation and wildlife management within their state.

Many of DU's thousands of habitat projects, accomplished with our private, state and federal agency partners across the United States, often include public hunting, fishing or other recreational access. DU's support of hunting is well-documented, and the protection and enhancement of our shared waterfowling heritage is a core value of our organization. This includes support for public-land hunting and access rights.

DU's mission is wetlands and waterfowl conservation and can only be achieved with the support of our members and volunteers, most of whom are hunters. Ducks Unlimited was founded by hunters, the great majority of our members are hunters, and we proudly support hunting, and other forms of recreation, on public lands across the United States.

Thank you for your continued support of Ducks Unlimited.