A charitable bequest is one of the easiest and most flexible ways that you can leave a gift to Ducks Unlimited. By making a bequest, you may receive a charitable estate tax deduction, reduce the burden of taxes on your family and loved ones, and leave a conservation legacy for future generations.

Consider naming Ducks Unlimited as a beneficiary in your will or revocable trust. Or designate DU as a full or partial beneficiary of your retirement accountIRA, 401(k), 403(b), or pension. Naming DU as a beneficiary is one of the simplest ways to ensure your conservation legacy carries on. Visit ducksgift.org and request a free copy of DUs Wills Guide.

Barb Sizers passion for the outdoors led her to make a Feather Society pledge and to name DU as a beneficiary in her will.

Barb Sizer says she has grown up and older in southern Minnesota. My involvement with DU began in the early 1990s. I went to a DU ladies event and was hooked. I was impressed with so many aspectsfrom the fun to the merchandise and, of course, the cause. After attending a few local events, Barb went to the 1995 Minnesota DU convention in St. Cloud. Shes only missed a few conventions in her home state since then.

Barb is an outdoor lover and wildlife photographer. Most of her shots are now with a camera, rather than a gun, but she loves all of her outdoor experiences. Over the years, Barb read DU magazine articles about members who gave their farm, land, or home as legacy gifts to DU. Barb knows that joining forces with DU can have a big impact for wetlands conservation. Thats why she made a Feather Society pledge and named DU as a beneficiary of her estate.

Although I may be different in not having children to pass things to, I do have lots of family, Barb says. My planned gift to DU will be multiplied many times over and come back to them through cleaner water, abundant wildlife, grasslands, and wetlands that will enrich their lives.

Instead of making a monetary gift, Brian Rees, shown here with his wife, Julie, is leaving his gun collection to DU.

Brian Rees and his wife, Julie, are active DU volunteers who have supported wetlands conservation for more than 30 years. In 2005, Brian and a group of volunteers helped to reestablish the Henry County DU Chapter in Ohio. Since then, the chapter has been recognized in the Top 10 repeatedly.

Brian currently works for General Motors and is the incoming DU state chairman for Ohio. When I was a kid, I grew up with DU. My dad would always attend deer and duck season openers, but he didnt hunt. My uncles introduced me to DU, and thats how I became involved, Brian says.

In early March 2020, Brian was thinking of a way to support the Feather Society, DUs legacy gift program. He had a gun collection and decided that, rather than make a monetary gift, he would donate his collection. Brian provided DU with an inventory, including a photo and the value of each gun. He then made a provision in his will that the guns would be donated to DU. The process was very simple and straightforward and an effective way to provide assets to DU through his estate.