MEMPHIS, Tenn. - July 21, 2021 - This week, Ducks Unlimited Television (DU TV) heads to the great state of Oregon. The show begins on opening day in Summer Lake, Ore., with DU volunteers on small waters cutting through spectacular mountain backdrops.

Summer Lake is in the south-central part of the state, not far from the California border. It&squo;s a small place, but when opening day of Oregon duck season arrives, hunters descend upon Summer Lake Wildlife Area in big numbers.

The area is open to public hunting and is home to thousands of migrating ducks and geese. The surrounding area is desert valley habitat, and the work Ducks Unlimited (DU), the state of Oregon and other conservation partners have completed is vital for the healthy wetlands that waterfowl and other wildlife need for survival.

Featured on this episode are DU Board Member and Regional Vice President Ed May and a group of dedicated DU volunteers and waterfowl hunters he has mentored through the years.

"During my experience in Ducks Unlimited, I found out there are two things you can supply - time and money,&dquo; May said. "Along the way I found a third thing, becoming a mentor for up-and-coming waterfowlers. I have young people who I&squo;ve mentored over the years call me up with life questions. It&squo;s a close friendship and it&squo;s been very satisfying for me.&dquo;

DU TV co-host Doug Larsen joins DU Volunteer Chris Dittman, his son Jacob, and friends in the show&squo;s second half. Dittman is the Bend, Ore., chapter chairman and is committed to wetlands conservation and getting others involved in DU&squo;s conservation mission.

"One of the things we&squo;ve done here is create opportunities for youth to get involved,&dquo; Dittman said. "One way is through our mallard nesting projects on local rivers. We are dedicated to engaging with our community youth who are the next generation of DU volunteers.&dquo;

Also in this episode, DU CEO Adam Putnam shares DU Pacific Northwest habitat initiatives on this installment of "Insights,&dquo; and shotgun columnist Phil Bourjaily discusses proper gun maintenance on the first "Guns and Gear&dquo; segment of the season, sponsored by new show partner Tetra Hearing.

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