Scott Grubbs is a longtime OKDU volunteer. He is the area chairman of the Claremore Chapter, and he has done a great job of growing it. They raised more than $29,000 for the ducks in 2016.

As an avid outdoorsman, Ive volunteered for many organizations, Scott said. DU, by far, has been the most gratifying. The camaraderie shared in duck blinds carries over to the volunteer committees and their members. The devotion that we as DU volunteers have for ducks shows just as much in the people who support our events. Without them, the chapters would dry up and wither away.

When hes not volunteering, Scott works at the Cherokee Spur Ranch in Afton. In 2016, he worked with the Miami Chapter to host a shooting event at the ranch. They taught several new shooters how to safely handle and shoot shotguns. Scott also serves as a volunteer mentor for the Sequoyah High School Varsity Chapter in Claremore. His son, Tanner, is the chairman of the Sequoyah High School Varsity Chapter, which held its inaugural event in March.

Scott says the best part of volunteering for DU is seeing his son continue a tradition thats been in his blood for decades. That is, after all, why most of us do what we do to leave some sort of legacy. Mine is seeing Tanner get attached to ducks, love hunting and love serving something bigger. That something bigger is DU, which is why we started his varsity chapter. Whats more gratifying than having your kids involved in and passionate about something we cherish so much?