Shane Lemons is one of Oklahoma Ducks Unlimited's dedicated volunteers. This Oklahoma native and 4-year DU volunteer chairs South Central Oklahoma Chapter committee. As an avid waterfowler who has shared his passion with his two sons, Shane sees his engagement with DU as a way to ensure the future of waterfowling and preserve the heritage of those who came before us. He also sees the broader impact of DU's conservation projects.

"I try to get people to understand that DU is not just for duck hunters," he explained. "DU is for anyone who loves the resources that God has given us and shares a passion to preserve, protect, and restore those resources."

Shane's life is centered around his faith, family, football and (water)fowl. He offers this perspective for other volunteers, "If you surround yourself with a good committee and people who care, you will be successful as a chapter. If each chapter does their part, we can and will make a huge difference. It's kind of like playing the lottery - you can't win if you don't buy a ticket. For DU, if we don't try, there's no chance to make a difference for wetlands and waterfowl conservation."