MEMPHIS, Tenn. - August 17, 2021 - This week Ducks Unlimited Television (DU TV) takes you to co-host Fred Zink&squo;s home turf near Port Clinton, Ohio.

In this episode, Zink hunts with longtime friend and Mossy Oak Senior Vice President Chris Paradise as a major cold front hits northwestern Ohio. Ducks arrive in big numbers with temperatures plummeting, wind howling and snow falling.

The mallards came in close, thanks to the weather conditions and Mossy Oak&squo;s Shadowgrass Habitat camouflage. Mossy Oak is a DU Proud Partner and a longtime supporter of wetlands and wildlife conservation.

"In order for DU to continue growing and conserving waterfowl habitat, contact with people from all walks of life is a necessity,&dquo; Zink said. "Mossy Oak is able to help deliver that opportunity through their large media network. Mossy Oak has the same conservation mindset as DU and contribute any way they can to make it happen. For every fabric yard they sell of the official DU camouflage patterns, there is a royalty going back to DU, funding wetlands conservation. It&squo;s a great partnership for the ducks.&dquo;

Also included on this episode of DU TV, Zink gives tips and tactics for high winds duck calling on "Duck Talk&dquo; and DU CEO Adam Putnam discusses the importance of partners to achieving the DU conservation mission on "Insights.&dquo;

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