A beautiful day greeted those attending DU's Morainal Wetlands Experience this past Saturday. In addition to learning about wetland and waterfowl ecology, participants in the wetlands experience had the opportunity to visit local DU projects in this unique glaciated area of the state. One of the things that people may find surprising was how similar wetland habitat in Northeast Illinois is to the "prairie pothole" wetlands of the Northern Great Plains and Canada.

This important mix of prairie, shallow temporary wetlands, and deep water marshes provide ideal nesting and brood habitat for mallards and other local nesting ducks that breed in Northeast Illinois. DU's Big River Initiative seeks to protect and restore this vital habitat. Our thanks go out to our partners at the McHenry County Conservation District who hosted the wetland experience for DU at the Lost Valley Nature Center in Glacial Park. Those who wish to visit this fantastic natural area can learn more about it at http://www.mccdistrict.org/rccms/index.php/glacial-park/.

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