MEMPHIS, Tenn. - July 7, 2020 -This week on DU TV, co-host Fred Zink travels to Walkerton, Ontario, Canada, to hunt with Grey Bruce Outfitters owner and old friend Steve Todz.

2019 Ontario Ducks Unlimited Volunteer of the Year Lisa Tadgell and her husband, Jamie, join Zink and Todz for exciting duck and goose hunts in this beautiful Canadian province.

This is cattle country and the main crop is silage corn, which brings thousands of Canada geese and ducks into Grey and Bruce counties, where the waterfowl feast before traveling south.

Ducks Unlimited Canada has a vibrant volunteer fundraising network. Lisa and Jamie Tadgell believe in Ducks Unlimited&squo;s mission and their efforts to further the cause are second to none.

"I was at the Ducks Unlimited booth at the sportsman&squo;s show in Toronto,&dquo; Lisa said. "I told the guys there I wanted to start a chapter back up in Strathroy, (Ontario, Canada). I got home and within two days I was making the phone calls that brought the first committee together.&dquo;

Now that committee consists of 30 dedicated people who hold the second largest grossing DU fundraising event in Ontario.

Jamie Tadgell has an inspirational story to tell about his dedication.

"A few years back I contracted a rare auto-immune disease where your immune system attacks your nervous system,&dquo; he said. "I was in a wheelchair at one point. Duck hunting is a struggle now, but just being there is worth all the effort.&dquo;

Ducks Unlimited CEO Adam Putnam explains the role of Ducks Unlimited in "Insights,&dquo; and Zink gives some great goose calling tips in his "Duck Talk&dquo; segment in this episode.

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