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Courtesy of North Carolina DU

Committee members from the Raleigh (top) and North Carolina State University DU chapters work together to hold annual events during the first two weeks of November.


Over the past decade, two of the largest Ducks Unlimited events in North Carolina have been held on the first and second Thursdays in November—the Raleigh DU Chapter banquet and the North Carolina State University (NC State) DU Chapter dinner. Both events take place at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.

With the proximity of both date and location, the Raleigh and NC State chapters often find themselves helping each other. Traditionally, Raleigh DU holds their event on the first Thursday of the month. More than 450 conservationists typically fill the Kerr Scott Building at the fairgrounds. With dozens of one-of-a-kind custom donations and unwavering volunteer leaders, this event has been consistently successful over the years.

Only one week later, the NC State dinner gets under way. Until 2022, the chapter hosted its 1,000-person event in the same building as the Raleigh chapter, but last year they elected to try out a larger venue at the fairgrounds. Although very little time exists between the two events, NC State has managed to attract a completely different crowd. The move proved beneficial, as the number of attendees at the event increased by 500.

Both chapters and their events are extraordinarily successful, but the unique relationship between these committees has fostered continuous development and financial growth for North Carolina DU. If you find yourself in Raleigh on the first or second Thursday in November, stop by the fairgrounds to see the camaraderie in action.