Ducks Unlimited has created a new fundraising program called DU T.R.A.P. (Team Resource Assistance Program). The program is designed to encourage more participation in youth shooting sports and to recruit new waterfowlers and conservationists.

The DU T.R.A.P. program provides discounted merchandise and professionally designed marketing and fundraising materials for youth shooting teams. To participate, a team simply chooses the package that best fits their needs and then begins raising funds. DU will design, produce, and ship promotional posters and raffle tickets customized for each team. Once the fundraiser is complete, the team sends payment to DU for the predetermined cost of the selected package. Upon payment, DU will ship the merchandise directly to the winners. All net revenue earned will stay with the team.

Youth shooting sports participation has grown exponentially over the past few years. Unfortunately, so has the price tag to practice and compete, says Mark Horobetz, manager of youth and education programs for DU. By leveraging DUs buying power and corporate partnerships, we can assist youth shooting teams across the country with their annual expenses while also increasing shooting sports participation.

For program details, or to sign up for the DU T.R.A.P. program, visit or contact Anna Malone at 901-758-3899 or