By Gary Koehler

Rig'em Right Gang Rig Kit

The Deluxe Gang Rig Kit (1) from Rig'em Right Waterfowl provides everything you need to put out an efficient diver spread. The kit includes 300 feet of mainline rope, four dozen drops, four 3-pound grapnel anchors, four anchor line spring clips and a line winder.

Dakota Decoys Provide Realistic Look

Dakota Decoy Company's X-Treme honkers (2) are hand-painted for a realistic appearance; feature the Wind Walker motion system; and come in active, sentry and feeder poses.

Avery Super Flag

Avery's new Super Flag (3) features an image of a real goose printed on the fabric and is available in Canada and snow goose designs, as well as the Canada KW-1, which has a camouflage flipside.

New Decoys from Final Approach

Final Approach Decoys has added blue-winged teal, wigeon (4) and bluebills to its roster. Final Approach has also expanded its line of goose decoys to include Canada floaters and shells, as well as lesser Canada, specklebelly, snow goose and blue goose full-bodies.

Double Cross Motion System

The Double Cross Decoy system (5) turns a single decoy into a tip-up machine, cycling every 7 to 10 seconds to simulate a feeding duck. The motor can be powered by any 12-volt DC source.

Fixed Keels and More Geese from Greenhead Gear

Greenhead Gear (6) has switched to a fixed keel system on all its floating decoys. The 60/40 keels provide a lifelike ride in both calm and rough water, and the LineLock feature allows for quick adaptation to any water depth. Also new from Greenhead Gear (GHG) are Life-Size Series snow and blue goose floaters. Four-packs include three adults and a juvenile, all featuring GHG's Pro-Grade paint job. GHG has also added 21-inch rester and sleeper style shells in the Pro-Grade and FFD Elite Life-Series. These shells feature lifelike detail and common cold-weather postures.

Floating Island Mimics Marshy Mounds

Tanglefree's plastic Doubletake Floating Island (7) will replicate logs, muskrat huts or similar mounds found in waterfowl hunting settings. Stakes to secure the island are included, as well as your choice of two full-body mallards or pintails.