The September-October issue of Montana Outdoors, magazine of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, features the great duck producing potential of the Montana portion of the Prairie Pothole Region and talks about DU's and hunters' roles in providing habitat for waterfowl.

In the article, Bob Sanders, DU's manager of conservation programs in Montana, says hunters have always paid most of the nation's waterfowl management costs by purchasing hunting licenses, paying excise taxes on guns and ammunition, and supporting conservation groups like DU. Montana Outdoors quotes Bob as saying, "Hunters pushed hard for passage of a federal duck stamp back in the Dust Bowl days, and Montana's annual share of that revenue - about $800,000 in recent years - funds a lot of wetland conservation work."

The article from the September-October 2015 issue of Montana Outdoors, the magazine of Montana Fish, Wildlife Parks, is used with permission.

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