Kevin Krieg was always on the lookout for new wetland restoration opportunities near his home in Montanas Madison River Valley. Kevin passed away in 2017, but he left a conservation legacy for others through his support of Ducks Unlimited. His wife, Linn, is continuing that legacy today.

He shared his passion for the outdoors, and wetlands conservation in particular, with all who were privileged to know him, says Chris Hildebrandt, DU director of development for Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

Kevin and Linn ran a cattle operation, raising a special mix of Scotch Highland and Red Angus. Kevin appreciated the fact that the same ranching habitat that provided a source of income for his family also gave waterfowl and many other wildlife a place to flourish.

Kevin was a very modest, conservation-minded man and an avid hunter who cultivated a desire to give back to the resource he loved, Linn recalls fondly.

The Kriegs started a family foundation, and Ducks Unlimited was one of the charities it supported. With the help of his family and friends, Kevin also hosted the Madison Valley DU banquet for many years. He always put DUs conservation mission in the spotlight over his own contributions to the cause, but the dedication he and Linn showed will never be overlooked.

Ducks Unlimited is honored to recognize Kevin and Linn as Diamond Benefactors for their generous philanthropic giving to DUs work on the prairies and Montana, Chris says. Most of their support happened during the extremely successful Rescue Our Wetlands campaign. Ducks Unlimited had a great ambassador in Kevin Krieg.