Spring on the Canadian prairies is a special time of year for anyone who appreciates wildlife and the outdoors. This past June, a small group of Ducks Unlimited supporters had the opportunity to witness this amazing season firsthand during a Canadian Experience event hosted by DU Canada. The guests gathered in Calgary, Alberta, for an insiders' look at DU Canada's success and ongoing commitment to conserving the prairie landscape.

The event's main attraction was DU Canada's recently purchased signature property, Shell Buffalo Hills Conservation Ranch. Boasting a rich history, impressive conservation value, and a beautiful landscape, this property is an ideal showcase of DU Canada's prairie conservation efforts. "Shell Buffalo Hills is a true gem and a perfect example of why our work is essential," explains Ron Maher, senior development manager for DU Canada. "The property encompasses over 6,000 acres of precious native prairie and more than 800 wetland basins that were at risk before DU Canada purchased the land. Now it's protected forever."

Guests of the Canadian Experience enjoyed presentations on the history and science of the ranch, ground and air tours of the property, a gourmet wild game meal in the field, and many opportunities to form new friendships.

"The purpose of this event is to bring like-minded people together to enjoy and support their passion," Maher says. "The opportunity to show off our work and accomplishments is great, but the best part is being able to see how far-reaching the effects are, and to share that with others who appreciate it."