Major Sponsor in Perpetuity Larry Ness has been involved with communities in rural South Dakota most of his life. As president of First Dakota National Bank, he invests in the success and wellbeing of his fellow South Dakotans. As a sportsman and DU supporter, he understands that a healthy landscape benefits not only wildlife but also the people that make a living off the land by providing food and other resources for us all.

When Larry wanted to learn more about DUs new soil health programs, he joined DU Agronomist Brian Chatham for a tour of the Dale Soil Health Demonstration farm (currently owned by DU). Along with other interested Major Sponsors, Larry learned firsthand about the process of using cover crop programs to rebuild dirt back into healthy soil that is beneficial to the bottom line of producers as well as biological diversity. After touring the demonstration farm, Larry asked Chatham to tour his own farm. Together they discussed the farms current soil health and plans to employ soil health principles on the land.