Under the guidance of Larry Wilkins, DU regional director, the Little River Chapter in North Carolina pulled off a very successful event this past year with their annual dinner held on Oct. 15.

Chaired by Mike Hartley, along with the help of 16 outstanding committee members, this chapter made a pledge to improve its performance in spite of the challenging economic conditions. With a strong committee of dedicated volunteers they pre-sold 175 tickets and increased their net/net by 49 percent from last year.

"This chapter was able to accomplish a lot for the ducks because they planned to succeed rather than sitting back and hoping to succeed," said Hartley. "It takes great leadership and great volunteers to pull this off."

Wilkins added, "This has always been an active chapter; however, this year they made a real difference by concentrating on pre-selling tickets, offering corporate tables and controlling expenses. This was the largest banquet ever held by the Little River Chapter. I know that all chapters can do the same thing with some planning and aggressive marketing of tickets."