Ducks Unlimited, Inc. (DU) has long recognized that maintaining North America's waterfowl populations requires conservation well beyond U.S. borders. Indeed, migratory birds present one of the greatest conservation challenges on Earth. Responsible stewardship of these species often requires conservation of habitats from the boreal forest of Canada to the tropical mangrove swamps of Venezuela and numerous points between and beyond.

The Latin American and Caribbean Program was established in 1999 to develop wetland and waterfowl conservation projects in the region. Ducks Unlimited closed the program in August 2007.

Program Acknowledgements

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. is grateful to the generous support provided to the Latin America and Caribbean Program by the following institutions:

  • Anonymous Foundation
  • USDA Forest Service - International Programs
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service - Division of International Conservation; Division of Migratory Bird Management; and Division of Bird Habitat Conservation
  • US Geological Survey/National Biological Information Infrastructure
  • Canadian Wildlife Service / Millenium Wetland Event
  • National Science FoundationIvan Lines - Private Donor