Wyatt Dale.jpg

Courtesy of Aaron Deters

Fifteen-year-old Wyatt Dale proudly displays his DU Life Sponsor pin.


At just 15 years old, Wyatt Dale made a remarkable decision to become one of Ducks Unlimited’s youngest Life Sponsors. Supported by his proud father, Travis Dale, Wyatt’s passion for conservation and Ducks Unlimited began with participation in the Wyandotte County DU chapter in 2016.

Wyatt’s involvement in scouting and his work to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout further fueled his commitment to conservation. Travis, who is a scout leader, helps with conservation projects that are impactful for both scouts and the environment. “The Dale family deeply believes in DU’s mission and its dedication to conservation. We firmly believe in being good stewards of the creation God made,” Travis says.

Wyatt’s Eagle Scout project involved installing a walk-through gate on DU’s Fortin property, and the undertaking showcased his selflessness and leadership. He planned and designed the project, raised funds for materials, and led a team of seven scouts who worked for a total of 128 hours to complete the project.

His journey as a Life Sponsor and conservationist sets an inspiring example for others to get involved and make a positive impact. With passionate young supporters like Wyatt, the future of wetlands and waterfowl conservation looks brighter than ever. Ducks Unlimited is fortunate to have such dedicated individuals contributing to its vital mission.